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To see the nine princes

To see the nine princes, busy bowed: “See the princes under.” Princes road free gift. A Han Mu ears watching Iron stopped. ugg classic short boots
Iron Mu ear smiles: “are their own side, might have something to say so.” “Liu Gongzi gone.” Ahan said. “There is such a thing,” Iron Mu free front the sky startled ear. “I told you to follow him, how could lose.” “Blame its negligence, to see him earlier between the Dufang gamble, and won one hundred and twenty talents of silver, they suddenly disappeared on a curve.” “Gambling,” Iron Muslim ears voice was raised several times. Nine princes not help glanced at him, smiling mouth. Charles ghd iv styler felt his ears iron Mu gaffe. Busy classic short ugg boots only channel: “Wang Shu, under some private business to do, please feel free to Uncle Wang. Leave.” Hurriedly finished off, out of the door and check to be shouting the horse here. Prince looked at him gone, a smile crossed mouth. Said: “my fair niece, you are very tight in this fourth brother backwards.” He turned to see Ahan still standing in the local. Sidewalk: “Your master’s study, where.” Ahan said: “Royal Highness, please be down with.” Princes conduct itself forward, to study, where a ceremony Ahan bend the line, turned back out. Royal Highness visited a lot in the study, did not bear any thing, and turned to see a book lying on the case of a roll of white silk, a busy start to have a look, not help a sigh: “So generous, good spirit.

Who is the embroidery. “is meditation room. Beheld a little black spots in the lower left corner white silk, hand touched, and then nearby a look, but it is a grain of rice in three words: “Meng Lijun.” Turned out to be her. Princes startled a long while, put down white silk, looked out the window, silently thinking about it. Mu ear to the half-iron, square look depressed to come back, met with busy Royal Highness said: “Today nephew something that neglect of Wang Shu, Wang Shu indulgences also requested.” “My fair niece is the crime there.” Princes laughed. Peak of a turn, then: “I see you have a book case, embroidery, curiosity, brought reading. Only I do not know who the embroidery.” Iron Mu heard words, eyes flashing, a long while: “The is the nephew in Yanggu County funded bought. “” Oh, have this other thing, I do not know what people sell. “” At the time she veil masked, with a sarong, took money away hastily, nephew did not ask her name. ” “Oh, What a strange man,” Royal Highness laughed: “I do not know my fair niece may be rare ghd willing to part with, the king would like the double the price.” “If you like Wang Shu, Wang Shu nephew gave it.” ears made of iron Mu Road, the heart next to, as long as four brothers in, also mention another ten. Not help but also think, find the day today, did see fourth brother disappeared, to be had away from the Changzhou, Does he go ugg classic cardy boots alone, mostly. Royal Highness heard rejoicing, took the white silk smiles: “Thank you, my fair niece.” Was about to leave, A Hanti a package came in a hurry: “The nine Royal Highness, Royal Highness, Liu Gongzi package still.” Iron Mu ears busy : “The fast open and see.” Ahan Yi Yan opened the package, a few clothes are there, drafts.
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on the cover reads

on the cover reads: “Brother pro-Kai Meng Shi Yuan Yu wind on the Huangpu brother.” Finish the letter and handed bailey button ugg Huangfu, Huangfu and hands to accept the letter, and slowly withdrew. Huangfu Windrider slowly stood up from the chair, looking out the window, his eyes flashed a smile. I lay there for a while, gradually better, then standing on my bed Shaohua, see I have not woke up, anxious hand-wringing stomp, Junlian red. I eyelids open a crack, saw his anxious look, the hearts of angry and laughed. Do not care for him, just to Zhuangshui. Huangfu Shaohua moved a chair, sitting in front of me, looked at me attentively, and I feel his scorching ugg bailey button boots eyes, disturbed mind could not help it, I do not know what he’ll do. A long time, a hand on to my Binbian. A voice murmured: “fourth brother, If you are a nice woman, the third brother dream the past few days, women are renowned for the way you dress, the third brother did not dare every morning waking up from a dream, afraid of you and the men look back, you said the third brother is not stupid. “I listened to him with loving words, what soul was touched something soft. Nose, tears would come to an acid, for fear he discovered, hey busy uttered: “The first good Yune.” Shaohua seeing overjoyed: “The fourth ugg classic tall brother, you wake up.” I opened my ghd pink eyes looked at him, his eyes clear and bright, looked at me so Leng Leng, not instantaneous moment. Touched my heart, was excited: “What are you sitting here, I feel dizzy, going to bed.” Shaohua heard, the waiter chair up and walked to the door, and looked at me reluctantly back Fang Gently close the door and left. I heard he went too far, and slowly sat up, words: “ah Lijun Lijun,, if it were you, how would you do
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ten years Mengxiong

ten years Mengxiong, can not think of his nephew are so big. “Having carefully looked at me and said:” He does have bailey button triplet ugg
a talented students. “I was excited:” No, the third brother is the jade tree, handsome hero paladin, Huangfu uncle really successful teacher. “huangfu heard not help laughing, laughing will breathe a heap, I am busy: “The frail uncle, pay attention to rest. Xiaozhi also understand some medical knowledge, it is better for the uncle to see.” huangfu heard nodded. Shaohua moved a stool for me, I thank the soon to sit down. Low: “Where is uncle may have not.” Huangfu general: “The past few days often felt back pain, restless, head often dizziness, blurred eyes gradually as.” I silently nodded: ” huangfu tall ugg boots previously had the disease may have made. “Huangfu:” The attack will be separated for some time. “I:” The rainy day is even worse. “huangfu eyes brightened Road,” is the case. “I put down huangfu hand, concentration, thought: “Uncle, it seems from all the symptoms, Xiaozhi that should be rheumatoid arthritis, called the wind off, generally after the weather turns cooler, more attacks, particularly rainy day, attack ghd straighteners sale them aching muscles and painful. uncle that can. “Huangfu nodded and said:” It is.

“I said:” The wind off the disease, usually because the moisture from the place to be for too long, pathogenic wind into the body, and not timely cure, long time, they slowly evolved into chronic, difficult to cure. “Huangfu Shaohua heard:” The fourth brother is right, the dad in his early years in the military Civil war, the war ended, they contracted the disease. be home only variable is time to heal properly with the rules. “I nodded slightly to each. Huangfu in bed urgent: “my fair niece can heal the law.” I laughed and said: “there is another way, though not completely cured, but it can relieve pain and reduce the number of attacks.” Shaohua: “The fourth brother, please. “I went into the writing before, took pen and ink, Getting to Know wrote a prescription, to Shaohua said:” This medicine is taken orally twice fried, fry a foot bath before going to bed at night. “Yi Yan Shaohua received, call servant to get the medicine. I went huangfu bed quilt hand opened end of the bed, put his foot out to hand make a fist, his foot gently press the points. Huangfu slight frown. My words: “will be some pain.” Huangfu broke: “The old lady swords for many years, highlighted the danger with the emperor, this pain and Naiwo He.” Room tone, full of pride. I silently nodded, then press the half hour, will be re-covered his feet and said: “think how Uncle.” Huangfu laughed: “Pain is pain, but the pain too, the whole body very comfortable.”

I nodded : “It is, uncle to be a human so that the daily press, early in the evening three times a half hour. After the 10th, will bear fruit.” finish, I pulled Shaohua out of him: “You Speed sent to find some pebbles, the shop in the courtyard, so your father can get up, then classic tall ugg boots  helped him every day walking in the courtyard. will be able to do more with less. “Shaohua listened to my remarks, already being applauded this idea. Apart from anything else, they go for. Human medicine has picked this time, I went to the kitchen shelf sand bowl, began Aoyao, Aohao and end-to-room, help huangfu up to his waist pillow cushion, tried the hot ghd straighteners uk and cold , then spoon feeding him a spoonful of the mouth, this time huangfu full of joy to my eyes the color of appreciation. Wei Wan medicine I will be up and out. Huangfu bed suddenly said: “I Mengxiong exchanges for many years, had never heard him have a nephew said. Who you really are.” I was shocked back to see him look not like angry. Busy: “The Xiao Zhi originally been living in the country, and uncle have not met a long time, no wonder my uncle never mentioned.” Huangfu heard this, thought for a while bow: “You first, back to the room to rest it.” I should be a busy soon, in the case of the general amnesty, hastily withdrew. Step into their own room, his back still cold sweat is dry. After a few days, I served huangfu general medicine on a daily foot massage, body up and getting better, slowly warm weather, this day, I came out from the room, they are escorted to see Huangfu Shaohua father walking slowly in the stone on the road.
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